Update 01Apr18. At the last Walworth Society meeting we agreed to support other groups in Southwark in calling for a Local List to be created of historic buildings that do not sit in a Conservation Area or are not listed by Historic England (the "undesignated assets").

A wide range of groups have now written a letter to the leaders of the four main parties in the borough and the text of that appears below. We know that there are more pressing issues facing Southwark but if you do find yourself talking to Councillors or Councillor candidates in the next few weeks please do raise this issue with them.

Great article in Southwark News of 5th April about the campaign.


Hustings 14th April. If selected, we will also try to raise this issue at the Planning & Regeneration Hustings that are being held on SATURDAY 14th APRIL 2.30pm to 5pm at Christ Church 676-680 Old Kent Road and is organised by the Southwark Planning Network (SPN).


7th March 2018 - At our meeting last week, it was agreed that the Walworth Society would focus its efforts in the upcoming local elections on encouraging Southwark Council to create a "Local List" of those buildings that are of historic interest but do not sit within a Conservation Area and are not listed by Historic England (formerly English Heritage). Historic England estimates that almost half of Local Authorities in England have a Local List but inspite of a) Southwark's amazing wealth of historic buildings and b) many planning policy documents (including the E&C SPD in 2012, Peckham & Nunhead Area Action Plan from 2014 and even early versions of the New Southwark Plan) which refer to creating a Local List and it being adopted under the umbrella of a Heritage SPD nothing has come of this to date.

We hope that a number of groups interested in heritage will be writing to the leaders of the main parties in Southwark about this and we will be writing to our Councillor candidates in the Walworth area asking them to press for the following as a matter of urgency if they are successful on May 3rd:

1) Create a Local List of these "undesignated assets" (ie not Listed and not in a Conservation Area) in Southwark.
2) Involve local people and local groups in developing the list as a way of tapping into their knowledge and engaging them in the borough’s heritage. There are great ways to do this nowadays using interactive mapping tools such as Common
place (https://walkelephant.commonplace.is/)
3) Develop a Heritage SPD which will provide the framework in policy for the Local List under the umbrella of the New Southwark Plan and to adopt the Heritage SPD no later than May 2019.

We know that there are many other pressing matters that you will want to discuss with candidates but if you could spend a few moments asking candidates to give greater support to these important buildings that currently enjoy little or no protection from development across Walworth and the whole of Southwark that would be great.

Examples of undesigated assets in SE17 that we have lost in recent years or are at risk at present and which could be given protection through an adopted Local List include:

The Crown on Brandon St - DEMOLISHED

Warehouse on Dartford St - NO PROTECTION

Royal British Legion building on Braganza St (apologies - pic from 2014) - NO PROTECTION FOR THE BUILDING

82-96 Walworth Road - This will be last vestige of pre-war Elephant & Castle (once the Coronet is demolished) and the fabled Piccadilly Circus of the South - these buildings have no protection.

Sir Robert Peel PH, Langdale Close - NO PROTECTION FOR BUILDING

This from 2014 and the fight to save the usage of the magnificent Masons Arms on East St as a viable pub (the planning application was refused) - currently no specific protection for the building.

1. Walworth Society Monthly Meeting and Annual General Meeting – Thursday 1st March 7pm. Please find the notes from the March meeting which was also our AGM below.

Next month's meeting is Thursday 5th April - 7pm 155 Walworth Road.

The minutes of the 22nd Feb WS Committee Meeting appear below.

2. The Walworth Society AGM - Associated Papers.

Because of the proposed changes to the structure and governance of the society (12c above), there are a number of papers relating to the AGM over and above the standard reports.

2018 AGM Papers.

1. The Chair's report for activities in 2017 is below

2. The Treasurer's Report of accounts for the 2017 year is below

3. Proposed amendments to the structure and governance of the Walworth Society. The growth in our range of activities and the income that we receive coupled with discussions with funders have led us to feel that we need to become more professional and formal in the way that we are structured and in our financial governance.

We have been keen though not to lose the spontaneity and lightness on our feet that we have enjoyed to date. As a result, the Executive Committee is a) proposing that we move to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with wider membership and b) to strengthen our financial governance.

As a result we would like to put to the AGM the following draft constitution for the Walworth Society as a CIO with voting members for its consideration. There are a number of points of potential variation from the existing WS adopted constitution and those are highlighted in yellow in the pdf below. The proposals for improved financial governance appear in the minutes of the 22nd February Committee Meeting which are attached above.

Draft Proposed Walworth Society Constitution as a CIO with voting/wider members below.

For information, the current adopted constitution is below.


3. Donations Sought in aid of women & children fleeing domestic abuse in Southwark.

One of our Walworth Councillors, Samantha Jury-Dada is organising donations for women and children fleeing domestic violence. If you can help with any of the items shown below please do drop them off to Inspire at the times shown. Sam would like to send a big thanks to Inspire for all their help!!


4. Save The Cinema Museum. There is lots going on in the campaign to Save The Cinema Museum.
Come along to our meeting on Thursady to hear more plus:

1. If you have not already done so, do sign the amazing petition on Change.org - help them reach the target of 35,000 signatures!



5. Walworth Happenings: Cabaret Dada Friday 6th April

An evening of surreal Cabaret as part of the Walworth Happenings series; from 7pm on Friday 6th April at the Former Newington Library, 155 Walworth Road,SE17 1RS. Tickets are free from:



6. Elephant Atlas – Invitation to WS Members.
An exhibition at the LCC inspired by the Cuming Collection.  If you would like to go along to the launch event on Thursday 22nd March, please register at:

7. Borough, Bankside & Walworth Community Council Meeting - Monday 19th March 6.30pm

Invitation from Southwark Council to the forthcoming Borough, Bankside and Walworth Community Council meeting on Monday 19 March 2018. 6.30pm, at Amigo Hall, St George's Cathedral, Lambeth Road SE1 7HY.  At the meeting Councillors will announce the Neighbourhoods Fund decisions for 2018/19.



(Feb18) Walworth HAZ - An introduction. We are delighted that Walworth has been designated as Inner London's first Heritage Action Zone and we are grateful to the work of the Southwark Council Officers and Councillors who put our area forward to Historic England and worked really hard to press the case for it amongst lots of interest and competition from across the London boroughs. We are also grateful to a number of partner organisations who worked with Southwark on the bid including the London Southbank University, Creation Trust and the Cuming Museum all of whom will be part of the group of local organisations that will work on the HAZ in the years to come.


The HAZ will consist of a range of projects that look to improve a) the fabric and appearance of historic buildings across Walworth and the Walworth Road Conservation Area in particular, b) help us understand more about the history of the area through research project and c) celebrate this history and help communicate it to a wider audience in Walworth, Southwark and across London. The HAZ is due to last for up to 5 years and we thought it would help to create a section of the website that could summarise what is going on and what is involved.

Documents. So to get the ball rolling we have included here:

1) The press release that announces that Walworth has been designated as a HAZ (excerpts below)

2) The final bid that went into Historic England from Southwark Counccil and which was in major part put together by Gillian King the Senior Planner Archaeology at Southwark Council (attached below).

3) A pdf of Gillian's presentation to the Walworth Society at our meeting on 1st Feb 2018 (attached below - cover image below).


1) The Press Release and excerpts from it that describe the HAZ



The five-year Walworth HAZ scheme - run by Southwark Council and Historic England will explore the many stories and layers of history which help make Walworth special and offers exceptional opportunities to work with a wide range of community, educational and business partners to generate local improvements and an appreciation of the area’s historic and cultural character.

The vision of Southwark Council and its partners, made up of community groups, the local university, local historians and archaeologists, as well as the principal developers working in the area, is to rediscover, celebrate and enjoy Walworth as a historic urban village, a civic town, and as a vibrant place of character where people want to live, work and explore.

The scheme is being led by Southwark Council and will help to restore Walworth’s historic character, boost understanding and enjoyment, and create jobs. 
The detailed delivery plan for the Heritage Action Zone will now be prepared for delivery from spring 2018 onwards, and will identify any grant-funding to be provided by Historic England.

Cllr Mark Williams, cabinet member for regeneration and new homes at Southwark Council, said:  “We’re delighted that Walworth has been chosen as one of the country’s Heritage Action Zones by Historic England. In Southwark we take our duty as custodians of the borough’s rich, varied and important heritage very seriously.

“We are excited to be part of this national initiative and looking forward to working with the Walworth Society – who have done so much already for the area - and Historic England to ensure that Walworth’s rich cultural character and heritage is protected and celebrated for current and future generations.”