Walworth Road Conservation Area – Planning Application & Public Consultation Event

You probably know that we have been working really hard over the past couple of years towards the Walworth Road being designated as a Conservation Area. We have received amazing support from WS members, local residents and Councillors to put the story of the Walworth Road and its historic significance together and the results of this work can be seen in the Historic Area Assessment that we have produced bit.ly/1kbWVLi

The good news is that all of this work has now been turned into a planning application (15/AP/4191) for the Conservation Area and we are now in the middle of the consultation period (which ends on 31st December 2015). 


If you would like to support the planning application that will bring it about it is really easy to do. Just follow the simple steps below and it should not take more than a couple of minutes. Many thanks for your help and support.

Go to the link



pop in


into the search box and then click on Make a public comment.


The themes we were thinking of promoting in favour of the Conservation Area in submissions are:


1. The depth of the research has been done that shows how rich the story is of the Walworth Rd in terms of both the development of a London High Street over the past 200 years and its role as a hive of industrial production especially in the Victorian era.


2. The opportunity to create a strong identity for the Walworth Road as an established shopping street full of architectural character as a contrast to the new development that is planned for the E&C and the northern end of the Walworth Rd and for the redevelopment of the Aylesbury Estate.


3. The opportunity to set planning guidance for buildings that are more recent additions that will come up for redevelopment so that any new buildings can better fit with the character of the street.


4. The opportunity that Conservation Area status give us to bid for funding to enhance the historic character of the road and make improvements to shop fronts and buildings etc.


5. To ensure that changes that are made enhance rather than detract from the historic character of the area.

(January 2016 Update) The detailed Walworth Society response to the Conservation Area consultation appears below.

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