Walworth Road Conservation Area Consultation

Proposed Walworth Road Conservation Area (15/AP/4191). The consultation for the proposed Walworth Road Conservation Area is coming to an end and if you have not commented on it yet (and thanks to everyone who has) we would be really grateful if you could just take five minutes to comment. We have had lots of positive feedback so far but not all of the comments on the Southwark Council website are supportive (or even complimentary!) so adding more support now can really help Southwark sense the strong desire in Walworth to make this happen. It is really easy to comment.
A. Go to the link


B. pop in   15/AP/4191

into the search box and then click on Make a public comment.
C. Put in your personal details (these are NEVER shown on the website) and then enter Your Comment.
Please make the comments you would like to. If you want any ideas, we have submitted our detailed comments from the WS (see attachment below) and would summarise them as follows:
1. The buildings of the Walworth Road tell the story of the development of a London shopping high street from Georgian times through to the present day. Although neglected, the character of the street is strong and clear and worth preserving and has representation from all of the eras from the 1750s to now.
2. The Walworth Road needs to create a clear identity for itself if it is to compete with the new developments at the Elephant & Castle and along the Walworth Road north of the Town Hall. The history of its buildings and the character they bring as homes to independent shops and small businesses can become part of an offer that is distinctive and in contrast to the new build and large chains that are likely to appear to the north.
3. The guidelines from Southwark Council in its Conservation Area Appraisal give clear, strong and high quality directions for retaining and restoring a number of significant historic buildings as well as more generally encouraging improvements to shopfronts, retaining the current historic building line, heights and details as well as managing waste and rubbish. These will allow the existing character of the street to be maximised.
4. The CAA also identifies those buildings that currently detract from the character of the Walworth Road and proposes how they should be redeveloped in a way that enhances and improves the Walworth Road. Again development in this way will be beneficial to the character of the Walworth Road.
5. Adopting a Conservation Area for the Walworth Road allows Walworth to celebrate and build on its historic character and bid for funding for restoration and improvement.

Example of the research undertaken by the Walworth Society in the Historic Area Assessment for York Place.

Many thanks for all your support.

The detailed Walworth Society response to the Conservation Area consultation


and the Draft Conservation Area Appraisal by Southwark Council


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