E&C Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

Southwark Council is currently consulting on the planning document which will shape the future of the area for the next decade. There are many good things in this document including a commitment to protecting historic buildings and protecting green and open spaces and improving links between them. There are also lots of areas where we feel the document can be improved to give the Walworth area a brighter future for the people who live and work here and to support the local community.

On Monday 30th January, the Walworth Society held a special meeting to learn more about the plans and to let local people have their say. The resulting discussions fed into the formal consultation response from the Society which has now been submitted (see the attached letter).

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161-179 Manor Place SE17 - Victorian Terrace at Risk

UPDATE: June 2012

The closing date for tenders from developers was Friday 11th May. Southwark Council are currently sifting the bids to see which are the ones that they wish to take forward and we do not know much about the bids that have come in except that some do include a desire to retain the Victorian facade. Two things to note:

Firstly any decision about the future of the site and its sale has to be ratified by Southwark Council’s Cabinet and if there are community concerns about what it being proposed, we will have the opportunity to make a deputation at the Cabinet meeting where this will be decided.

Secondly irrespective of which developer is chosen, whatever gets built has to obtain planning permission so any issues related to building height, the number and mix of properties and whether there will be any retail is subject to planning permission. Overall there are a number of hoops still to be gone through and no decisions have been made yet (as far as we know).


UPDATE: April 2012

The Terrace is now in the process of being disposed of by Southwark. The good news is that they are inviting proposals for refurbishment as well as redevelopment. The tender period ends on 11th May 2012. The Walworth Society has produced an information pack attached below (MPT-InfoPack) that it hope that interested developers will refer to outlining the aspirations that local people have for the terrace.

This is a historic terrace that has provided shops and services for the local area for well over 100 years.

The terrace was built between 1875 and 1896 and local people are keen to ensure that it is retained and restored as part of the redevelopment of the site (which we very much support).

There was a well attended community-led meeting to discuss future ambitions for this site at St Paul's Church on Tuesday 24 January at 7pm. The minutes from this meeting and resulting letter from the local Ward Councillor are attached below. For further discussions on the site please log into our Forum

Read more: 161-179 Manor Place SE17 - Victorian Terrace at Risk

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