Walworth Society - Early November News

1. Walworth Society Monthly Meeting – Thursday 2nd November 7pm. Please find the notes from the meeting below. Many thanks to Christy Burdock for taking the minutes. Next month's meeting is Thursday 7th December. Details to follow.

2. Hampton Court Palace Hotel (17/AP/3100).

There is a planning application to redevelop the Hampton Court Palace Hotel (formerly pub) on Hampton St SE17. This involves increasing the number of rooms (in a residential area) from 13 to 45, demolishing all but the facade of the building, shoe-horning in another floor and generally destroying the character of the building and removing the pub from it. If you had any time to object that would really help in trying to get this application refused. The planning application number is 17/AP/3100:

You can access it via:

and pop in the planning application number (17/AP/3100) into the Simple Search box and then click on the box, Make a Public Comment (your personal details will NOT appear on the objection).

The points we have made are below. The application should be refused on a number of grounds:

1. The damaging impact of the development on the local neighbourhood and local residents as the number of rooms increases from 13 to 45. Residents in the surrounding area are already affected by the impact of the comings and goings of customers for even the 13 room hotel and there is no mention of a plan as to how this impact will be managed.
2. The loss of the public house which is accessible to local people which is completely against the policy of the New Southwark Plan Proposed Submission Version - Policy P37 Pubs in Southwark.
3. The building was identified in the Elephant & Castle SPD of 2012 as significant in the local area and this planning application proposes changes to floor heights that mean significant damage to its character as there will be a poor fit with the retained façade. In addition, the poor design of the introduction of a floor at roof level is very damaging to the building's character as is the unsubtle and poor design of the replacement for the small garage in the eastern part of the building.

The full comments that we have made in relation to this application are in the file below:


Hampton Court Palace - Now

HCP Proposed - with extra floor introduced within existing building PLUS floor at roof level plus unsubtle replacement for the small garage on the left hand side of the building.


3. Fighting Aircraft Noise in South London. News from HACAN South East on the fight against aircraft noise.

Aircraft noise is a problem in many parts of SE London in a way it never was 20 years ago.  It could get worse if a third runway is built at Heathrow.  A new runway would mean an extra 700 planes a day using the airport. Parliament will decide whether or not to give the go-ahead to a third runway in spring next year. But whether or not it is built, Heathrow is looking to change its flight paths. New technology will enable aircraft to be flown much more precisely in the future. Flight paths will be narrower and more concentrated. But, if there could be a number of these flight paths and they could be rotated during the day, it would mean that communities in SE London could get a decent break from the noise. Heathrow Airport will start to consult on these new flight paths early next year. It will be a chance for all of us to have our say. Details will be on our website: www.hacan.org.uk . Check out the HACAN South East page. Any queries drop John Stewart an email on johnstewart2@btconnect.com


4. Save the Cinema Museum. Campaign to save the much loved Cinema Museum from the threat of sale by freeholders South London & Maudesley Hospital.

Sign the petition at:

Meeting: There is a Save The Cinema Museum Campaign startup meeting on Monday 30th October at 19.00. More details on this http://www.cinemamuseum.org.uk/2017/save-the-cinema-museum-campaign-meeting/

Full info: http://www.cinemamuseum.org.uk/

5. Save Harkers Studio. Please sign the petition to Save Harkers Studio http://bit.ly/2gSGisn  which is destined to be lost to luxury flats. Full Info http://bit.ly/2gSUxOa


Download this file (WSMinutes-02Nov17.pdf)WSMinutes-02Nov17.pdf74 kB

Walworth Society - Early October News

1. Walworth Society October Meeting.

Please find below the notes from the full meeting and the committee meeting that preceeded it on 5th October. There is a chance to get inside the former Newington Library building next month as our meeting is being held there. Full details in the notes below.

2. Walworth Road Post Office.

The letter below is from the Post Office and confirms their decision to move from a Crown Post Office to a private operator from Monday 6th November. Local Councillors and MP Neil Coyle are continuing to press the PO and Royal Mail in relation to a parcel collection facility for Walworth in the light of the desire of the RM to dispose of the Crampton St Sorting Office and move that facility to Mandela Way.

3. Elephant & Walworth Neighbourhood Forum AGM and Conference - Saturday 14th October 10am to 2.30pm.

News and details about next Saturday's E&WNF AGM. More info http://ewnforum.org.

4. The Melodramatic Elephant in the Haunted Castle.

Come and see the historic Coronet or the old Elephant and Castle theatre for the last time on the 8th of November with a FREE dramatic production of the Melodramatic Elephant. The play takes you on a journey through the history of the building with a local theatre company People's Company who will animate this rich history of the building with a new theatre production written and produced by John Whelan and Constantine Gras. The tickets are free from:



5. Newington & Borough Society. News of a New Society for the Newington, Elephant & Borough Area.

Newington & Borough Society is a newly formed local history group covering the historic areas of Newington & Borough (including what is now called Elephant & Castle, and the areas up to St George's Circus, the Imperial War Museum, St George the Martyr's, and Great Dover St).  The group aims to revive interest in the area, organising walks and talks.  It is also engaging with London South Bank University academics and students.  And it is a key aim of the group to strive for the preservation of the area's history and historic buildings.
We welcome all interest, and would be keen to here from you via email: newborsoc@gmail.com
Follow us on twitter @newborsoc

Our website is at https://newingtonboroughsociety.wordpress.com


6. Walworth Happenings: The Walworth Society supported by the Southwark Council Neighbourhoods Fund is delighted to offer tickets to Impromptu a musical event at Louie Louie on Thursday 26th October. Tickets are free from: http://bit.ly/2wxahst

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