Manor Place Terrace - Update 17th July

Southwark Council has decided to relook at the sale of Manor Place Terrace and will not now be making a decision about its sale at its Cabinet Meeting on Tuesday July 17th. The Council plans to look more closely at development options which retain the Victorian façade. We are really pleased at this decision and hope that we can work with the Council on developing these other options in the early autumn. 

We would like to thank everyone who has given all their time and effort to this and most especially would like to thank Southwark Council for their preparedness to consider other options.

Manor Place Terrace - Update 4th September

We have been working together with a large number of local groups in West Walworth to try to develop a vision for Manor Place Terrace that both meets the community's desire to create an attractive local centre for West Walworth and a heritage led redevelopment of the terrace along with the Southwark Council's needs for significant volumes of new homes and income from the site. Do have a look at the pdf document that we have produced and give us any comments on it. We hope to be able to start to discuss these ideas with Southwark in the near future.

Download this file (MPTRegen-07Aug12.pdf)MPTRegen-07Aug12.pdf1670 kB

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