Campaigning Against More Betting Shops

Thanks to everyone who came along to protest at the awarding of another Gambling License on the Walworth Rd. It was an amazing turnout in spite of the rain!

Walworth Town Team Forum

Business Extra are hosting a "Walworth Town Team" meeting from 6pm on Tuesday 25 September at their office at 175A Walworth Road, the details are as follows:

Working against a background of community disorder, a reduction in local residents, economic uncertainty and high figures of unemployment, the Walworth SE17 project aims to create a modern, diversified, sustainable and thriving town centre that has its own branded identity. This town centre will be the vocal point for the local community and offer an interesting mix of retail, leisure and shopping.

The project aims to better support local businesses in the Walworth Area, enabling them to survive and prosper through;

  • Attracting more people to shop locally and therefore increase spending in the area
  • Aiding businesses to be more innovative during difficult economic times and changing High Streets
  • Allowing local businesses to work together, sharing ideas to make the best use of resources

For further info or any queries, Business Extra can be contacted at 

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