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Walworth Society is pleased to announce that we will bringing back to life the old Walworth Festival as a major event in Walworth for 2017. We will be creating four street and Park based festivals across four Saturdays in Summer along with a package of local events to promote the heritage, creativity and diversity of the Walworth area.

Backed by the Southwark Council High Street Challenge our project will revive the historic Walworth Festival which was a firm favourite in the calendar up to the early 1980s. 

Each of the four Saturdays events will have a different theme that highlights the cultural diversity of the Walworth area and each will promote the area as a destination to spend leisure and shopping time along the historic Walworth Rd.

Four different streets/ park locations off the Walworth Road will be closed for the day and animated with local performers, music, history, local business and artisans. It will be an opportunity for people to come together and find out what is happening in the Walworth area and for traders/artisans to promote their talents and sell their produce/products.

The Festival is a chance to highlight the creativity of the local community and its businesses and signpost the people to all the wonderful events, heritage, arts, businesses and cultural diversity we have in Walworth. In the longer-term we are hoping that these events in 2017 will be a spingboard for an annual Walworth Festival where the community new and old can come together to promote the area to a London-wide audience. 

So how can you get involved in this exciting project? We are looking for anyone who has a business or someone who would like to try out selling crafts on a stall. Space will be provided for free. Also, are you a budding entertainer and you would like to highlight your creative skills on the stage? Have you got any ideas of the types of things you would like to see at the festival? Do you have a community event you would like to publicise or would you like to tell people about the work that your community group does? If the answer is YES, your community and the Walworth Festival needs YOU! 

See the forms attached below if you'd like to have a FREE stall or get involved in the performances. For any queries, please contact John Whelan the Walworth Festival project manager on whelanjohnwalworth@gmail.com or call 07535413884 



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