1. Walworth Society Monthly Meeting – Thursday 3rd January 2019 7pm. The minutes of our January meeting can be seen at:



The minutes of the Walworth Town Hall public meeting of 12th December 2018 can be seen at:



2. Walworth Community Gardening Network - News of Activities in Early 2019.

News from Vince Brown at WCGN - email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Tel: 07401-552139.

A happy and fruitful New Year to all! And a few early dates for your brand new 2019 diary.

1. WCGN Steering Group Meeting - all welcome. The Walworth Community Gardening Network year starts with a steering group meeting on Thursday 17th January starting 7pm at the Pullens Centre, all are welcome.

Main topics for the agenda will be the WCGN & Walworth Garden Seed Swap scheduled for the afternoon of Sunday February 17th. And a discussion on what other events we want to organise for 2019, so we can get cracking early on with the preparations.

2. The February 17th Seed Swap is jointly organised by the WCGN and Walworth Garden, full details are not yet quite confirmed, but the current plan is to start at 11 am with Walworth Garden providing an introductory workshop on growing from seed.

We break for lunch (healthy, organic, sustainable, ethical fare provided) and then go on to look at the considerable merits and benefits of local seed collecting, with expert advice from the London Freedom Seed Bank.

We will then share and swap the seeds that we have brought - don't worry if you are new at growing from seed and have none to bring, for this introductory year the WCGN will provide enough seed so that all can go away with seed ready for the Spring. After which, for those that want to stay, we will show the film Seed, a fascinating and inspiring film which goes into the deeper importance of collecting and saving seed.

Though the timetable for the day may still be open to change, the Seed Swap will be for sure held on Sunday the 17th February at Walworth Garden, so put it in your diary! Walworth Garden will handle the booking and send out invitations first to local gardeners. Please be quick to reply and book your place as the invitation will then be opened up more generally, and we are sure places will soon go – If you are already decided you want to come then email me now and I will pass on your priority booking to Walworth Garden.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

3. Winter Wassail - Sunday 13th January. To get the gardening year off to a rousing, carousing start, we have the West Walworth Winter Wassail on Sunday 13th January. The Wassail procession assembles 3.15 pm at the Pullens Centre (184 Crampton St) and visits local orchards in turn. The Wassailing (wishing good health) involves drinking and singing to the health of the trees in the hope that they will provide a bountiful harvest in the autumn.

The local Wassailing was initiated last year by the Alberta Fruit Commons and was great fun. This year the WCGN, as well as the Alberta, Pullens, Draper, Newington and Kennington Park Road TRAs have lent their support to make it an even bigger event.

Prior to the procession at 3.15 pm, children (and adults too) are invited to come at 2pm to the Pullens Centre to make costumes and noise sticks to frighten off evil spirits. We finish at 5pm at the Draper Hall with spiced apple drinks and baked snacks. All are welcome, and those from East Walworth only have to make the short trip cross the Walworth Road!

The Walworth CGN is sponsored and supported by the United St Saviour's Charity.