Walworth Society News, Activities and Events (w/c 22 June)

  1. Walworth Society General Meeting – 7 pm Thursday 2nd July.
  2. Minutes of the Walworth Society General meeting 18 June.
  3. Our Healthy Walworth – Low Emission Neighbourhood Experimental Road Changes.
  4. Southwark Community Action Network.
  5. Walworth Community Gardening Network AGM.

1.  Walworth Society General Meeting – 7 pm Thursday 2nd July.

The Great Fire of London, no not that one! 

Around lunchtime on the 19th November 1897, a small fire was observed in the premises of Waller & Brown, 15 Well Street, Cripplegate. Within hours this fire had spread and destroyed over 100 businesses and plunged thousands of London’s most poorly paid workers in unemployment. 

How did this fire start, who was affected by it and how did it impact on the lives of late Victorian Londoners? Local historian Neil Crossfield will reveal all. 

If you fancy yourself as a Victorian crime scene investigator or absolutely love a luxuriant moustache or beard, this talk is for you. It contains Walworth girls, cat lovers, petty criminals, and even the Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie of the Victorian age! Something for everyone.

To join the Join Zoom Meeting click here, or go to Zoom online and use Meeting ID: 839 5151 1768, Password: 375084. Or watch on Facebook, click here or go to https://www.facebook.com/TheWalworthSociety. (Remember to like and follow the Walworth Society Facebook page)

2.  Minutes of the Walworth Society General meeting 18 June

Over 60 people attended the 25th June Walworth Society general meeting. There were very lively discussions on the proposed road changes around Walworth, the Climate Emergency, The Walworth Town Hall, and Southwark Stands Together. For the minutes, many thanks to Shelagh Kavanagh. You can download them here:

3.  Our Healthy Walworth – Low Emission Neighbourhood Experimental Road Changes.

The low emission neighbourhood/COVID-19 road changes was a major topic of discussion at the Walworth Society general meeting, there seemed to be much support for the overall approach of reducing the impact of road traffic across Walworth, but plenty of questions and concerns (see minutes above).

One particular plea was for circulation of a clear map of the changes. For a pdf of the road change map click here. For more information and an online version of the map click here. Comments can be fed into https://walworthstreetspace.commonplace.is/. (This is open for registration now and will be open for comments soon).

If you are interested in the original consultation that developed many of the ideas that are behind the proposed changes, please see the Commonplace map:


4.  Southwark Community Action Network

A message from Community Southwark: “Community Southwark are looking to build an inclusive, community action-based network centred on the needs of its members. We will be looking to hear feedback and ideas on the best ways to communicate and engage with our communities.

This session will also focus on sharing tips and experiences of handling the Covid-19 lockdown from our communities and mutual aid groups, what we can do to encourage our new (and old) volunteers to continue to stay involved in their community after lockdown ends, and how the community can engage in societies most pressing issues, like the Black Lives Matter movement, in a profound and meaningful way.

The ultimate goal of the session is to keep our great borough connected and make a better future for our communities. This will be the first of many events in the future that will aim to address topical issues and provide practical ways that people can get involved.”

To find out more or book tickets click here.

5. Walworth Community Gardening Network AGM

It is the Walworth Community Gardening Network Annual General Meeting this Thursday, 25th June, starting 7pm. 

All local gardeners are welcome to join the Zoom meeting by clicking here or use the link https://bit.ly/WCGN-AGM.  Or go to Zoom and and sign in with Meeting ID:  876 3607 4580  Password: 561794

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