Walworth History Festival 2018

Walworth History Festival: 30th September 2018

Thanks so much to everyone who helped with and came along to the History Festival. We were just so delighted with how it all went and we estimate that all in all around 1,000 people came along to the exhibition or took part in the events, talk and lectures.

We are very grateful to Mireille Tchapi and Lise Magnollay for all the photos that they took and if you would like to get a flavour of what went on, below is an album of the photos that Lise took:

WHF Opening Event: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0N5Uzl7VX4XQp

Final weekend and Open House: https://www.icloud.com/sharedalbum/#B0N5n8hH4S6KRU

Below too are some of the photos that Mireille and Lise took of events during the week.

The Walworth Front Room (organised by Julia Honess) (photo Mireille Tchapi)

The Animated History Tours (photo Mireille Tchapi)

Looking at the History Panels (photo Mireille Tchapi)

Neil Crossfield with his Recreation of a WW1 Street Shrine (photo Mireille Tchapi)

Gathering for the Animated Tours in the Memorial Garden (photo Mireille Tchapi)

Neil Coyle MP opening the festival (photo Mireille Tchapi)

Talk in the Front Room (photo Lise Magnollay)

Open House Tours (organised by Shelagh Kavanagh) (photo Lise Magnollay)

Intro to Walworth History Festival 2018

Held at the former Newington Library, 255 Walworth Road

Welcome to the Walworth History Festival, a week long exhibition and series of events organised by The Walworth Society and its membership.

As well as Walworth’s long history which is told in part in this exhibition, much is happening in the here and now to record and retain the area’s heritage. In 2015 the Walworth Road was designated as a Conservation Area following two years of research into the history of the buildings along it.

More recently we were to delighted to learn that thanks to the efforts of Southwark Council, Walworth had been designated by Historic England as one of only a handful of Heritage Action Zones (HAZ) (and the only one in Inner London) across the country. The HAZ designation starts a five year project to “promote the rediscovery, celebration and enjoyment of Walworth as a historic urban village” and “champion and enhance Walworth’s sense of place and historic character”.

The exhibition material has been put together by volunteers who have chosen topics to research that interest them about the local area. We are extremely grateful to them for the time and effort they have given to the project. We would also like to thank all the people who have contributed personal objects and stories to the Walworth Front Room and to the speakers who will be giving talks during the course of the week.

We are also delighted to include objects on loan from the Cuming Collection and contributions from the Southwark Local History Library and Archive. Special thanks to Judy Aitken, Dr. Patricia Dark and the Heritage Officers for all of their support and co-operation.

We know that there are many more stories to tell about Walworth, so if you are inspired by anything in the festival, or are interested in the history of the area and you want to find out, or tell us more, please contact us at the Walworth Society by emailing info@walworthsociety.co.uk. We hope to build on the material gathered for this exhibition with other research and local knowledge for future projects.

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time to ensure that the exhibition is open and can be seen by as many people as possible throughout the week.

Project Team
Diana Cochrane, Julia Honess, Shelagh Kavanagh, Jeremy Leach, John Whelan, Peter Wright, Dylan Atkins.

Research Volunteers
Judy Aitken, Vince Brown, Louise Calf, Garth Cartwright, Abby Crisostomo, David Cleverly, Celia Cronin, Neil Crossfield, Robert Davies, Grit Eckert, Shelagh Farren, Katharine Ford, Charlie Fox, James Fox, Richard Galpin, Piers Haslam, Jane Higginbottom, Julia Honess, Padrig Jones, Shelagh Kavanagh, Steve Lancashire, Lise Magnollay, Matthew Mitchell-Wright, Nuala Riddell-Morales, Andrew Sawdon, Lisa Soverall, Peta Steel, Patria Roman-Velazquez, John Whelan.

Judy Aitken, Roger Bachelor, Charlotte Bill, Neil Crossfield, George Dyer, Ed Gray, Michael Holland, Steve Martin, Andrew Sawdon.

Walworth Front Room Contributors
Creation Trust, Pat Belsey, Clive Bloomfield, Margaret “Madge” Brady, Mark Brady, Celia Charles, David Cole, Sylvie Goy, Donna Grant, Ann Green, John Green, The Hales Family, Irene Hayes, Michael Holland, Norma Lawrence, Jean Massey, Jack McInroy, Zara Lloyd, Joyce McDonald, Chris Patterson, Pauline Ranson Cook, Louisa Smith, Christine Tan, May Thompson, Paul Villani, Gary Witcher, Pamela Witcher, Robert Zammit-Pace, English Martyrs Church Knitting Group, Steve Lancashire.

Animated History Actors
Kimberly Freeman, Rachele Fregonse, Massimo Guati, Mike Raffone, Michelle Strutt.

Thanks to Sophie Barnard, Vince Barnard, Alan Crookham, Susan Hayes, Crispin Hughes, Chloe Hur, Family of Stephen Humphrey, Inge Larsen, Martha McDonald, Iain Smith.

Thanks to Organisations
The Art Academy London, Art in the Park, Carnaval del Pueblo, City-ID, Creation Trust, Crossway United Reformed Church, Latin Elephant, Open House London, Roseline Elegant Fashion at De African Fabrics, Southwark Local History Library and Archive, Southwark Pensioners Centre, Superarts Academy of Performing Arts.

St Paul’s Primary School, Crampton Primary School, St John’s Walworth Primary School.

Local Businesses
Arments, G Baldwin & Co, Crisis Charity Shop, Electric Elephant Cafe, Hotel Elephant, Panter Hudspith Architects, Lendlease, The Cinema Museum, The Shaw Trust Charity Shop, Schwar & Co.

The London Community Foundation, North Southwark Environmental Trust
(NSET), Southwark Council and the Councillors in the three Walworth wards, North Walworth, Faraday and Newington, United St Saviour’s Charity.

Thanks to Southwark Local History Library & Archive for the use of images at the Walworth History Festival 2018.

Walworth Heritage Trail 2014

If you are interested in the heritage of the Walworth area more generally and fancy a walk through the history of SE17 don’t forget to download our Heritage Trail (pdf link below). Some things have changed quite a bit and turned out differently to what we anticipated since we put this together in 2014 but it is still a great way to learn more about Walworth.

Walworth Heritage Trail 2014 – Cover

History of east street 2013

Our first project was in 2013 when we put together a short history of East St. It is only a couple of pages but there are features on the origins of East Street Market, The Masons Arms, The Baptist Church and The Wallington Family

A Spotlight on East Street Walworth – Cover

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