Walworth Community Gardening Network

This page updates on progress of the Walworth Community Gardening Network (WCGN) which is an initiative to promote and support community gardening and growing across the Walworth area that is supported and funded by the United St Saviour’s Charity.

Update – April 2018 – Walworth Community Gardening Network Conference – Report

Please find the report from the recent sun-drenched Walworth CGN conference below.

If you or fellow residents would like any support in setting up or running a Community Garden, please contact Vince at vincebrown@walworthcgn.co.uk

Walworth Community Gardening Network Conference – 21st April 2018

Interested in community gardening in Walworth? Come along to the FREE inaugural WCGN conference. Just come along on the day to Walworth Garden or let us know in advance by emailing Vince Brown atvincebrown@walworthcgn.co.uk OR phoning him on 07401-552139.

Launch September 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Walworth Society has received funding from United St Saviour’s Charity to support community gardening across the Walworth and Elephant & Castle area over the next two years. The new Walworth Community Gardening Network (Walworth CGN) aims to bring together the wealth of growing and gardening talent that exists across our area so that everyone can learn from each other and help each other grow.

The Walworth CGN will encourage and support neighbouring gardening groups to come together locally for joint on-site training, share resources, and expand the network of local volunteers. To start the gardening year, each Spring the CGN will bring together Walworth/Elephant & Castle community gardeners to learn and gain help from experts and plan their planting for the summer.

Towards the end of the summer, the CGN will run a Walworth/Elephant-wide Garden Show with fun events, expert advice, and where each garden group can show its produce and attract new volunteers. Throughout the summer, a regular newsletter and local events will help gardening groups keep in touch with what is going on and provide a forum for learning and mutual help.

The Walworth CGN has come about as a result of the work of the Elephant & Walworth Neighbourhood Forum which identified community gardening as an area for focus in the Walworth and Elephant & Castle area. This project is an initiative of the Walworth Society and is only possible due to the generous support of the United St Saviours Charity, but it is the property of the community gardeners of Southwark. Spring 2018 will see the first and founding conference of Walworth Community Gardening Network. Open to all local community gardeners, and to all those that would like to build a gardening group on their estate or street, or connected to their community group or GP surgery.

The founding conference will not just decide how the network is organised and run, but will start the growing year with expert speakers and discussion on how to plan, grow and run a community garden; how to attract volunteers in a diverse and multicultural locality; how to attract and support gardeners with additional needs; and how to fund and sustain a gardening group into the future.
If you or your gardening group would like to get involved or find out more, do get in touch with Vince Brown the Walworth CGN Project Manager by phone on 07401-552139 or by email atvincebrown@walworthcgn.co.uk

Community Gardening Crampton St with Oli Haden from Walworth Garden (photo Diana Cochrane)

Walworth CGN supported by United St Saviour’s Charity

Migrated from Walworth Society site: November 2020

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