Other Walworth Society projects

Celebrating the green spaces of Walworth, organising events for all ages and supporting community-led research

Our projects

Walworth Road Conservation Area

One of the main pieces of work by the Walworth Society has been to encourage Southwark Council to designate the Walworth Road as a Conservation Area. This was a project that we began just after we were established in 2012 and came to fruition when the Walworth Road was designated as a Conservation Area in … Continue reading Walworth Road Conservation Area

Walworth HAZ: an introduction

We are delighted that Walworth has been designated as Inner London’s first Heritage Action Zone and we are grateful to the work of the Southwark Council Officers and Councillors who put our area forward to Historic England and worked really hard to press the case for it amongst lots of interest and competition from across … Continue reading Walworth HAZ: an introduction

Walworth Community Gardening Network

This page updates on progress of the Walworth Community Gardening Network (WCGN) which is an initiative to promote and support community gardening and growing across the Walworth area that is supported and funded by the United St Saviour’s Charity. Update – April 2018 – Walworth Community Gardening Network Conference – Report Please find the report … Continue reading Walworth Community Gardening Network

Walworth History Festival 2018

Walworth History Festival: 30th September 2018 Thanks so much to everyone who helped with and came along to the History Festival. We were just so delighted with how it all went and we estimate that all in all around 1,000 people came along to the exhibition or took part in the events, talk and lectures. … Continue reading Walworth History Festival 2018

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