Walworth Society – Latest News (26th February)

1. Walworth Society General Meetings.

Please find the action points from our 18th February meeting here. The images of the new library and heritage centre that Cllr Stephanie Cryan presented to the meeting appear in the file below.


Image of the new library and heritage centre (Cllr Stephanie Cryan)

Our next general WS meeting will be held on Thursday 18th March at 7pm. Full agenda to follow but we are looking forward to a presentation about the Heritage SPD and the plans for a Local List in Southwark from Michael Tsoukaris and Stephanie Ostrich and Colin Wilson and Tim Cutts from Southwark Council will present the item held over from the last meeting about the Old Kent Road Area Action Plan.

To join click here or use Zoom meeting ID: 824 5354 1429 Passcode: 422594

2. Southwark Today Project

The Council’s Library & Heritage team, working in partnership with a community engagement organisation called Syrup, are embarking on a new project about the borough of Southwark and its people to be included in the new Southwark Heritage Centre and Walworth Library. The project will run throughout 2021 and will culminate in an exhibition expected to open at the end of 2021/early 2022.

Through a programme of events and creative workshops, we want to make sure the people of Southwark have their experiences, voices and stories included in the local history of the borough. We are looking to connect with you, the people who live, work and play in the borough, and to find out what Southwark means to you. We want to hear about your memories: perhaps they might be of moving to Southwark, growing up in the borough, working here, or even how the events of 2020 have affected you.

This is a chance to contribute your stories to the history of your borough and to help build a resource for future generations. Please help us capture Southwark Today by answering a few questions in the survey on the Syrup website at the following link: https://syrupmagazine.co.uk/Southwark-Today

Syrup are running two creative digital workshops and would be keen for Walworth Society members to be involved. The sessions will provide more information about the project and provide opportunities for you to contribute ideas and thoughts on the project. The workshops will take place on Zoom in Tuesday 2 March 6 – 7.30pm and Thursday 4th March 11.30am to 1pm. WS members are welcome to sign up for either event. They will be a conversational space to explore memories and connections to the borough. We will also be visually mapping the workshop with the option for those who are keen to join in, so it should be a bit more exciting than usual zoom meetings! To register click here.
Here are the links for both events:



3. Plane Hell Action UpdateAn End to Night Flights Over Walworth

News from Plan Hell Action SE:

The DfT Night Flight consultation, deadline Part 1, 3 March 2021, seeks to continue night flights beyond 2022, to 2024 and then to consider a further extension.  We say ‘no, stop night flights now’.  The negative health impacts outweigh any financial benefit and Government is lazily putting off addressing this.

Night flight activity results in adverse health, well-being and economic impacts for communities.  There should be a total ban on all flights between 11pm and 7am giving a full 8 hours to enable proper rest in line with WHO/health advice.
Doing a deal with an airport or government in recovery post Covid-19 will only benefit the aviation industry and not those on the ground.  Bargaining tools must not be used to benefit some whilst impacting others – let’s unite and be fair to all communities on the ground and demand a ban on night flights. 

The online consultation form can be found by clicking here. Or using your own words send your reply to: night.flights@dft.gov.uk /or write to Robert Courts, Minister for Aviation, DfT, Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Road, London SW1P 4DR. And send a copy of your reply to your MP – find your MP here

Points that could be included in online form

• night flights, other than for emergency and humanitarian purposes, should
        be banned at all UK airports;
• night should be defined to mean an eight-hour period, giving people around
        airports and under flight paths the opportunity to have a full night’s sleep
        consistent with health guidelines; and  
comments about interrupted or lack of sleep due to current night flight regime at Heathrow.

Background information and suggested text for letter

We strongly disagree with the proposal to continue night flights to 2024 (beyond the current deadline of 2022), and then to consider a further extension.  We say ‘stop night flights; stop the noisiest 2 categories immediately’.  The negative health impacts outweigh any financial benefit and Government is lazily putting off addressing this.

There are no effective controls over the noise levels of individual night flights.  South, South-East and increasingly West Londoners are particularly affected by Heathrow arrivals starting from 4.30am, often the noisiest planes.  Yet these same noisy planes are banned from departing from Heathrow before 6am. There needs to be consistency: ban immediately the 2 noisiest categories from operating between 11pm and 7am. 

WHO guidelines stipulate 8 hours sleep for good health, not the 5 hours currently only possible for S, SE and W Londoners when Heathrow is on westerly operations, 70% of the year, with planes arriving at 4.30am and not ceasing until 11/11.30pm.

Walworth in SE London is not included on the noise contour map that inform Government decisions on plane noise levels/times of day or night.  Yet Heathrow’s noise monitor, based in the Ark Academy, records on a daily basis noise levels of 60dB and above at 4.30am.  We are bombarded with daily overflights on westerly arrivals from 4.30am. The absence of these illustrations indicates more than simply averaging out on the LAeq metric. There is something seriously wrong with the map.

Local residents see no benefit in continuing night flights and question their validity. There is ample capacity at times of day that have less serious health and community impacts. Furthermore, ban all night flights at all UK airports other than for emergency and humanitarian purposes.

No one community should benefit to the disadvantage of another in airspace around airports and where planes fly at low altitude (below 7,000 ft).  Arrivals noise must be treated with the same consideration as departures noise.

Thanks for all your support!

4. Aylesbury Community Kitchen.

The Aylesbury regeneration team at Notting Hill Genesis are looking for crowdfunding support to open anew community kitchen for groups to run healthy cook and eat sessions. As we emerge from the pandemic, issues of local food insecurity have been exacerbated.

We anticipate that 1,350 residents per week will benefit from the food distribution centre, a further 200+ residents will sign up as members to the food pantry, plus at least 50 residents will access community kitchen and hub activities each week. Find out more and support the project by clicking here or go to https://www.spacehive.com/aylesbury-community-kitchen-se17

5. Friends Of Burgess Park Petition

There’s an area of land in Burgess Park that was, some time ago, assigned as Metropolitan Open Land (MOL). Unfortunately, private developers keep trying to build on the MOL, which has been designated for incorporation into the park. Friends Of Burgess Park (FOBP) call on the council to fulfil this commitment. In these times, we are all especially aware how important open spaces are for the city and it would be great if you’re able to please support the Friends of Burgess Park in this campaign by signing the petition – click here.

FOBP need a campaign and strong response to the planning application, anyone willing to help please get in touch. Join with a small group of people, active over the next couple of months to fight the application. For more information click here or go to http://www.friendsofburgesspark.org.uk/

The planning application is: 21/AP/0451 for Metropolitan Open Land – Southampton Way.

6. Creation Trust Case Worker Post

News from Creation Trust. Creation Trust are looking for a caseworker for the Aylesbury estate: “We are looking for an experienced caseworker who can go the extra mile to help our residents. We work with secure tenants, leaseholders, private renters and people without secure tenancies living in temporary accommodation, of all ages and backgrounds. 
We pride ourselves on a service that welcomes everyone who has found their home on the Aylesbury estate.  You will be part of an established team of caseworkers, a family outreach worker and a benefits advisor who support over 150 households on the estate as it undergoes a full regeneration.” 

Main Purpose of Job

  • To promote the wellbeing of residents i.e. residents in temporary accommodation, older persons, families and youths and to identify and respond to their support needs.
  • To work effectively with partners and multi-agency networks to promote and provide effective support to residents.
  • To ensure that people on the estate are informed about aspects of the regeneration programme and targeted assistance available to them.
  • To provide casework support to residents affected by the regeneration and changes in legislation.

For more information and to apply click here

OR GO TO: https://www.charityjob.co.uk/jobs/view/731145?tsId=8

7. Census 2021. News from Census 2021.

Census day is Sunday March 21st 2021. People will receive a letter in the post with a unique access code in late February or early March and  can complete the online form as soon as it is received or call the contact centre to request a paper form.

Individuals who prefer to complete the individual questions on the census form in private, not via the head of household, will also be able to order their own unique access code and paper form via the same contact centre and return their form separately from the household to guarantee privacy.

Support lines will be open from 1st March and a wide range of accessibility support materials and help articles as well as videos on how to complete the questionnaire, including versions for British Sign Language, audio description & subtitles, will also be available from the census website to download from 23rd Feb.

Vanessa Fagan, the census engagement manager for North Southwark, and who spoke at our January meeting, has set up a number of Question & Answer sessions, dates are below and email vanessa.fagan49@field.census.gov.uk to book a place. 

Mar 2-4PMMar 3.30-5.30PMMar 1-3PM
Mar 4-6PMMar 10AM – 12PMMar 11AM – 1PM
Mar 5-7PMMar 10AM-12PM & 3-5PMMar 2-4PM
Mar 5-7PMMar 5-7PMMar 5-7PM
Mar 2-4PMMar 2-4PMMar 3-5PM

8. People’s Company Cabaret

Bored of Lockdown and you want a good old laugh from the safety of your front room? Come and join John Whelan and Mike Raffone free on zoom with their Weimar inspired night of Cabaret!

Welcome to a world of Berlin and Cabaret! Free on Wed 10 March @ 7 pm on zoom. To join click here or use Zoom Meeting ID: 837 9579 6867 Pass Code: 348895. More info at https://madlyconceived.co.uk/

9. Art In The Park

Next Children’s Session: Picasso Style Portrait Workshop for Children and Young People on the 27th of February: https://picassoportraits.eventbrite.co.uk

Next Life Drawing Sessions: Drummer Life Drawing on the 5th March: 

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