31 Amelia Street (22/AP/0850) – How to object to proposals to build 152 bedrooms of student housing.

The planning application 22/AP/0850 for the redevelopment of the offices at 31 Amelia Street (corner of Crampton St and Amelia St – currently occupied by the Reed offices) will have a huge negative impact on the local area. It proposes to create 152 student bedrooms many of which will overlook the adjacent Pullens Gardens.  Please make your comments by 28th April at the latest!

Streetscape view from Pullens Gardens

Below is an easy-to-use guide to how to object to this application:

a. Go to the Southwark Council Planning Portal

b. Type in the application number: 22/AP/0850.

c. Go to the box – Make a comment.

d. Enter your details – these will not appear on the published comment – and put down the grounds as to why you are objecting. We suggest some or all of the following.

Reasons for Comment (tick boxes from the list):

  • Conflict with local plan
  • Loss of privacy
  • Noise nuisance
  • Out of keeping with character of area
  • Over development

1. There is huge need for social rent housing in Walworth and Southwark. The Elephant and Castle SPD is clear that there is already a lot of student housing in this area and that no more should be built in this part of Walworth. We object that student accommodation is being developed when housing at social rent is so needed. We believe that student accommodation will not work on this site and that social housing would be a much better solution for its redevelopment.

2. The development will cause harm to the character and appearance of the Pullens Estate Conservation Area (in fact the estate is currently being assessed for possible listing by Historic England) and the Pullens Gardens which lies in the Conservation Area owing to the massing, height and poor-quality design of this development as well as the impact on the Gardens from the overbearing building and the harm from noise from the proposed communal roof terrace.

3. The planned building is much larger in area and height than the existing building and completely fills the site right up to the current fence line. The public realm is poorly designed and does not improve the environment for pedestrians on what is a key walking route from the estates of West Walworth into the Walworth Road. This goes against the policy of the Southwark Plan 2022 and the Movement Plan 2019.

4. The development does not enhance the Low Line (the walking route along the railway viaduct) which includes recent improvements locally such as Spare St and Angel Lane as is required by the Southwark Plan 2022 and is of a very poor-quality design being narrow, gated and lacking in greenery. Delivering even this meagre version of the Low Line appears to require the demolition of a significant part of the much valued Husky Studios.

Husky Studios – Google Streetview

Developers’ plans

Thank you! If you would like more information contact: post@walworthsociety.co.uk

If you would like to expand on any of these points, our full objection can be downloaded here

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