Walworth Society News, Activities and Event (w/c 4 May)

  1. Walworth Society Quiz – Thursday 7th May 7 pm.
  2. Walworth Society General meeting- Thursday 14th May 7 pm.
  3. Redevelopment of 51 East Street SE17 2DJ (20/AP/0685).
  4. What’s On and Free.
  5. Laptops For Students.
  6. Keep Our NHS Public Campaign.
  7. Survey about planes over Walworth and London. News from Plane Hell Action SE.
  8. Art in The Park Workshop Offer.

1. Walworth Society Quiz – Thursday 7th May 7 pm. 

The Walworth Society is inviting you to a Walworth themed quiz this Thursday!

Walworth, London, and General Knowledge questions from Diana and Shelagh. Zoom breakout rooms means you don’t have to struggle alone, but can join in a team. 

Zoom details: Walworth Society Zoom Quiz, Time: May 7, 2020 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting click here or paste in


  • or use Meeting ID: 892 4779 3638,
  • Password: 002982

2. Walworth Society General meeting- Thursday 14th May 7 pm. 

Our work goes on despite lockdown. More details in the next mailing but current issues include:

Walworth Road Town Hall redevelopment, Walworth Library and Southwark Heritage Centre, 51 East Street hotel planning application (see below) and safe social distancing in Walworth and along the Walworth Road.

3. Redevelopment of 51 East Street SE17 2DJ (20/AP/0685)

There is a planning application to redevelop the former Bell PH on East St as a 48-room hotel. The images below illustrate the significance of the changes to East St and the Pilton Place Estate to the rear in terms of the massing and the design.

The proposals will be particularly significant for residents of the Pilton Place Estate at the rear of the site. Our full objection to this application is here.

If you would like to object/make a comment then please:

  1. Go to https://planning.southwark.gov.uk/online-applications/
  2. Pop into the search box 20/AP/0685
  3. Make A Comment. We have suggested overall grounds for objection include Loss of Light, Loss of Privacy, Out of keeping with character of the area and Residential amenity

Significant grounds for objection include:

  1. The development is in breach of Policy P40 of the New Southwark Plan (Hotels and other visitor accommodation as outlined in the New Southwark Plan 2019 To 2034: Submission Version January 2020) in relation to the quality and appropriateness of the design and scale of the development. These proposals do not respond positively to local character and fail to protect the amenity of the local community.
  2. That the application is further in breach of Policy P40 as the proposals fail to protect the amenity of visitors to the hotel owing to the poor quality of the interior planning of the rooms and in particular their extremely small size and the quality of the provision of accessible rooms.
  3. That the development is in breach of Policy P69 Energy and the aim for development in Southwark (which has declared a climate emergency and aims to be carbon neutral as a borough by 2030) to be lean, green and clean and that this is in no way achieved by the delivery of a very limited number of 11 PV cells of renewable energy in the development.

Thanks so much if you have time to object.

4. What’s On and Free.

a. The National Archives are making digital records available on their website free of charge for as long as their Kew site is closed to visitors. Registered users will be able to order and download up to ten items at a time, to a maximum of 50 items over 30 days. To find out more and to register click here or visit the National Archive website  https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/.

b. Weekly Walworth Bingo: Walworth’s own dynamic duo, John Wheelan and Mike Raffone, present Bingo streamed live on Facebook every Wednesday at 7 pm. For ‘eyes down’ click here or go tohttps://madlyconceived.co.uk/bingo for more information.

(Coming Soon! Sing-A-Long-Night of the Musicals (Sat 16th of May 7-8 pm); Cabaret Da Da (Sat 23rd of May 7-8 pm); A night of new theatre with People’s Company – The Elders and YOCO based at Southwark Playhouse. (26th of May 7-8 pm). Details to follow in later mailings).

c. Free Films: Sands Films is a small British film production company, founded in the early 1970s, and based in an 18th century listed building in Rotherhithe.

The Sands Film Club is currently closed, but are screening a free online film each Tuesday at 8pm on their website, click here and Facebook page, click here.

d. Pasley Park Virtual Dog Show: Is your pooch a potential champion? Join the  Dogs In Pasley Park Facebook group and find out – apply to join group by clicking here.

5. Laptops For Students.

The Newcomen Collett Foundation is considering applications for laptops for young people: ‘The Newcomen Collett Foundation will continue to consider applications from students at this time. If you’re unable to access and complete work that has been set online because you do not have access to a laptop (or other essential equipment) then you can apply for an immediate grant’.  For further details please see its website, visit www.newcomencollett.org.uk

6. Keep Our NHS Public Campaign.

The Keep Our NHS Public campaign has some background information on the recent legal challenge by doctors to the guidance by NHS England on personal protective equipment (PPE), which they claim fails to protect them from infection with covid-19: Click here.

More in formation on the campaign can be found on their website https://keepournhspublic.com/

7. Survey about planes over Walworth and London. News from Plane Hell Action SE

The No 3rd Runway Coalition, of which both Plane Hell Action SE and Southwark Council are members, is launching a survey to gather your views on what life is like under a flight path during lockdown. You can find the campaign website: https://www.no3rdrunwaycoalition.co.uk/. Please tell us your experiences and share the survey as widely as possible. This should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. To access the survey click here.

We’d also welcome short (30-60 second) video clips of people enjoying the peace and quiet offered by the current situation. Be as funny and creative as you like! Please send your clips to info@no3rdrunwaycoalition.co.uk

The Campaign to Protect Rural England report showing the need for better mapping of aircraft noise and more research to understand the impact of aircraft noise on health can be found by clicking here.

Will residents tolerate any aircraft noise post Coronavirus as they become accustomed to the sounds of nature?  Peace and tranquility are normally so rare in our busy lives. We’re having a glimpse of what life was like before aircraft noise and it is a revelation.

8. Art in The Park Workshop Offer.

Message from Art in the Park: We hope you are all keeping well and safe in this strange time. 

We have decided to offer a very special thank you to anyone who donates £50 or more to our campaign by offering them a free workshop in either Art and Mindfulness or Drawing from Nature! Depending on the situation by the end of the campaign this can either be done in person or through zoom. For more information or to donate click here or go to http://artinthepark.co.uk/.

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