Walworth Society News, Activities and Events (w/c 11 May)

  1. Walworth Society General Meeting- Thursday 14th May 7 pm.
  2. News from Friends of Burgess Park: Camberwell Union Development Appeal Dismissed.
  3. A Night at the Musicals.
  4. Weekly Walworth Bingo.
  5. Coming Soon! Cabaret Da Da.
  6. Free films.

1.  Walworth Society General Meeting- Thursday 14th May 7 pm. 

Our work goes on despite lockdown!

The Walworth Society inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Time: May 14, 2020 07:00 PM London

Click here or go to https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84303269192?pwd=Sk1kOXJUWStwT08vTGdTOVIzVmx2QT09

  • Meeting ID: 843 0326 9192
  • Password: 001640

Proposed agenda for the meeting:

  1. Welcome, introductions and apologies.
  2. Follow up to our 5th March meeting.
  3. Experience of the lockdown across Walworth: local needs.
  4. Walworth Library & Southwark Heritage Centre.
  5. Walworth Town Hall redevelopment.
  6. Redevelopment of 51 East St (The Bell PH – 20/AP/0685).
  7. Walworth Heritage Action Zone – Update from Stephanie Ostrich.
  8. Virtually Walworth – a new project from the Walworth Society: supported by United St Saviour’s Charity.
  9. Safe social distancing on the Walworth Road – discussion.
  10. Southwark Community Infrastructure Levy – potential Walworth Society submissions.
  11. AOB.

Congratulations to Steve Lancashire and Julia Honess, joint winners of last week’s Walworth Society quiz. And many thanks to John Whelan, the compere, and Diana for setting the question.

2. News from Friends of Burgess Park: Camberwell Union Development Appeal Dismissed.

News from Friends of Burgess Park. The Secretary of State has dismissed the appeal for the 499 home and industrial space scheme for Camberwell Union. The Inspector’s report found it would not meet space and amenity standards and did not relate to the character of the area, or Burgess Park. The Secretary of State’s letter and the Planning Inspector’s report (April 2020) set out in detail the reasons.  These were wide ranging; the development did not meet space and amenity standards nor did it relate to the character of the area, or the park. (more details click here) This has significant implications for the Parkhouse St developments. Friends of Burgess Park would like future developments to:

  • Relate to the character of the area south of the park and integrate into the townscape not exceeding the heights of existing buildings.
  • Enable the tower of St George’s Church to remain the dominant feature of the skyline for views across the park.
  • Respect the relationship to the park as Metropolitan Open Land and the openness which this provides, the park fringe and the edge of the park.
  • Provide adequate play and amenity space for the residents within the development which is good quality and provides for the needs of children to play close to home, not expecting the park to provide the shortfall.
  • Provide landscaping which contributes to the delivery of the Southwark Nature Action Plan.
  • Achieve the Urban Greening Factor as set out in the new London Plan.
  • Enhance the area with a design which integrates, establishing a good relationship with the character of the surrounding area.

For more details on Friends of Burgess Park click here or go to:  https://www.friendsofburgesspark.org.uk/revitalisation/

3. A Night at the Musicals

Join the People’s Company on Saturday 16th May, 7-8 pm for a night of  a night of sing-along (Dress optional!). Email: Walworth’s premier Impresario, John Whelan, at whelanjohnwalworth@gmail.com for your free virtual entry.

4. Weekly Walworth Bingo

Walworth’s own dynamic duo, John Wheelan and Mike Raffone, continue with Bingo streamed live on Facebook every Wednesday at 7 pm. For ‘eyes down’ click here or go to https://madlyconceived.co.uk/bingo for more information.

5. Coming Soon! Cabaret Da Da

Sat 23rd of May 7-8 pm; A night of new theatre with People’s Company – The Elders and YOCO based at Southwark Playhouse. (26th of May 7-8 pm). Details to follow in later mailings.

6. Free Films

Kennington Bioscope are pleased to present another screening on their YouTube channel with two light comedy shorts with a social distancing theme, courtesy of the Eye Filmmuseum, Amsterdam. Wednesday 13th May starting 7.30pm.. You can access and subscribe to the YouTube channel:


Gontran et la voisine inconnue (Gontran and the unknown neighbour) (France, 1913): Gontran (René Gréhan) is so obsessed with playing the piano that he completely neglects his wife Arlette (or Alida as she is called in the Dutch intertitles). She moves to a house within hearing distance and begins to take piano lessons. Gontran is entranced by the music and starts courting this mysterious and talented neighbour from behind the garden fence, much to her satisfaction.

Over the Back Fence (USA, 1913): Colonel Crompton, a bachelor, and his nephew, Charles, live in a house adjoining that of Matilda Scraggs, an old maid, whose niece, Nell, is very much in love with the bachelor’s nephew. The old folks are neighbourly neighbours until one day the colonel’s dog bites the old maid’s cat and the trouble begins.

Piano accompaniment will be provided from the Bioscope’s regular musicians, and introductions on the films from historian Michelle Facey. More information on both films at: http://www.cinemamuseum.org.uk/2020/kennington-bioscope-online-gontran-et-la-voisine-inconnue-1913-and-over-the-back-fence-1913/

7. Key Updates From Local Councillors.

1. Thank you to Southwark Council staff

Councillors from across the borough have put together a short video to thank council staff for the incredible work they’ve done to respond to the Covid-19 crisis. Many council staff will continue to work this weekend to provide support to vulnerable residents and as councillors we are extremely grateful for their dedication. A link to the video is here.

2. Update from Southwark Young Advisors

Southwark’s team of Young Advisors have produced several short videos for young people on the importance of complying with Covid-19 Public Health guidelines. These are available on the Young Advisors’ Facebook page. The team are in the process of planning for post-lockdown interventions on the street with young people.

3. Manor Place Terrace – Newington Ward

Newington Wards Cllrs received a short briefing from officers on the linked developments at Manor Place Terrace and Braganza Street. Understandably Covid-19 has meant there have been delays, however the council has been working with Durkan to progress the project where possible, most notably design work. The council and Durkan will send a newsletter to local residents and community groups in early June. 

4. Citizens Advice Southwark – Advice for Leaseholders

We are forwarding a message from Gete Otite of Southwark Citizens Advice:-

“Particularly at this time, leaseholders may have concerns relating to how they can keep up with their service charge and major works costs. They may have issues understanding terms of their lease, with heating and hot water or other repairs. They may also have issues with debt, employment or benefits.

Those wanting some advice or information can email Lholders@CitizensAdviceSouthwark.org.uk or leave a message on 0207 237 9532. Someone will call them back within 48 hours. They can also visit our website:  http://www.citizensadvicesouthwark.org.uk/projects-and-services/homeowners-advice/homeowners-appointment-request/.”

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