Walworth Society News, Activities and Events (w/c 15 June)

  1. Walworth Society General Meeting – 7pm Thursday 18th June.
  2. Virtually Walworth: #Walworth Grows.
  3. Purcell Report on Heritage Buildings along the Walworth Road.
  4. Planning issues – The Rising Sun PH Harper Road; NatWest 290 Walworth Road.
  5. Key Updates From Local Walworth Councillors.

1.  Walworth Society General Meeting – 7pm Thursday 18th June.

The notes from our last meeting on 14th May are here. Thanks so much to Shelagh Kavanagh for taking these minutes.

Please find the notes from our 18th June meeting here:

2.  Virtually Walworth: #Walworth Grows

Thanks to everyone for your continued participation in Walworth Grows. Tell us what you are growing! Send pics and stories to virtuallywalworth@gmail.com. Follow on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TheWalworthSociety/ and Twitter @WalworthSociety.

Pictured right is Ray Oliva with his dad in their garden in Hillingdon St back in the 1950s. Ray, who now lives in Bexhill, has provided this photo along with his memories of gardening with his dad for #Walworth Grows.

We have started planning the next phase of Virtually Walworth and will be talking to you all soon about your favourite Walworth shops, past and present, and why you use(d) them. In the meantime, here’s a link to some oral histories about Baldwins. one of Walworth’s favourites http://therootsstory.co.uk/category/oral-histories/

3. Purcell Report on Heritage Buildings along the Walworth Road.

Purcell Architects gave a presentation to the May Walworth Society General Meeting on their feasibility study for the Partnership Scheme in Conservation Areas application for funding for improvements to buildings along the Walworth Road. Their report can be found by clicking here, Appendix A here, Appendix B here

4. Planning issues – The Rising Sun PH Harper Road; NatWest 290 Walworth Road.

1. The Rising Sun PH – 98 Harper Road SE1 (20/AP/1374). Redevelopment of the site to provide a six storey mixed-use development, comprising ‘flexible’ Class A1, A2, B1, A4 or D1 (clinic/health centre, education, training or art gallery only) uses on the ground floor, and 9no. self-contained flats on the upper floors. Existing basement level to be in-filled.

Plans to demolish the last remaining pub in the Rockingham area.

Please do object to this application. Grounds include:

  • a. Application breaches Southwark Council policy in relation to policy P41 of the Submission version of the New Southwark Plan as well as emerging policy around the Climate Emergency. This NSP at P41 states (inter alia) that: “Pubs must be protected from development resulting in a change of use or loss of the pub. In exceptional circumstances, development proposals resulting in the loss of a pub will only be permitted where there is no market demand for the pub use. This needs to be demonstrated by a marketing exercise for two years.”
  • b. This application is in breach of policy as until the COVID-19 lockdown, the Rising Sun was a popular community pub used by many local people. The Rising Sun is a viable pub.
  • c. The local area around the Rockingham Estate has been hit particularly hard by the loss of pubs as social and community spaces. The Rising Sun is the last remaining pub on the Rockingham Estate, with many local residents relying on the Rising Sun as the other local pubs have all be shut down/demolished over the past decade. It is vital to retain this community pub as a valuable community facility.
  • d. This building is worthy of retention. It is an attractive brick-built design with a largely original exterior which sits on the corner of Harper Road and County Street and defines that corner extremely well. In relation to Southwark Council’s climate change targets and its stated ambition to make more of existing embedded emissions, this building should not be demolished and replaced but more should be made of the existing building.

Photo by James Hatts – Bankside Press

UPDATE AT 17th JULY 2020. We have 218 online signatures (https://www.change.org/p/southwark-council-save-the-rising-sun-public-house-harper-road-se1) and 173 physical ones – so a total of 391. The petition signatures from both the online and written petitions along with the comments made in relation to the online petition can be seen in the file below

5. Key Updates From Local Walworth Councillors.

1. Road and traffic changes in Newington Ward – social distancing and healthy streets

As many of you are aware various changes are proposed by the council to our roads. The aim of these is to reduce traffic, help healthy travel and encourage safety and social distancing. These experimental measures are due to be approved by Councillor Richard Livingstone for an 18 month period next week. A list is can be found by clicking here: http://moderngov.southwark.gov.uk/mgIssueHistoryHome.aspx?IId=50023147&Opt=0

Whilst we support the intention behind these changes we know they will be significant for some people and that many have concerns. We have been assured by officers that further detailed statutory consultation will be carried out and are seeking assurances that any obvious problems will be addressed more quickly than the end of the 18 month period. Cllr Livingstone will be at the next Walworth Society meeting if anyone would like to ask questions (if you can’t make it please send us your thoughts).

2. Black Lives Matter

Councillor Johnson Situ will be leading the council’s move to respond to the challenges of systemic racism highlighted by the death of George Floyd and the recent Black Lives Matter movement. The project will include:

  1. an anti-racist audit of the borough to identify statues and street names that do not reflect our borough’s diversity, especially anything with links to slavery or our country’s colonial past, and to identify positive opportunities for the celebration of more diverse figures.
  2. a listening exercise with communities across the borough, partner organisations, and our staff, to hear their concerns, and identify solutions to address entrenched and persistent racism and injustice.

Cllr Situ will respond at the end of the summer. Details of how residents can participate will follow shortly. Please get involved! 

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