Walworth Society – (w/c 7th December) Latest News, Activities and Events

  • Walworth Society Festive Event: Thursday 17th December
  • Walworth Town Hall Planning Committee Decision
  • Walworth Radio Plays – Sat 12th December 7pm
  • Rodney Road Hotel (20/AP/2953)
  • Old Kent Road Area Action Plan – December 2020
  • Elephant & Castle Christmas Panto – 7pm Sunday 20th December
  • The Census 2021
  • News From Local Councillors
  • Local Covid Mutual-Aid Group Details

1. Walworth Society Festive Event: Thursday 17th December

Date for the diary! Walworth Society Festive event starting 7pm on Thursday 17th December.

More info on the festive fun and frivolity to follow.

To join on Zoom click here or log in to Zoom with Meeting ID: 816 7306 2241
Passcode: 251177

2. Walworth Town Hall Planning Committee Decision

Southwark Council planning sub-committee B met to decide a number of applications last night including that for the Walworth Town Hall redevelopment. After a long series of presentations, comments and discussion, the application was passed unanimously and should now move forward to conclusion of the legal agreement, further detailed design and construction over the next two to three years.

We feel that the work that the society has put in over the past 3 months in relation to strengthening the guarantees that will now appear in the legal agreement and also work to improve the quality of the restoration of key rooms in the building has paid off. There was also strong support from the 2 local Councillors who spoke at the meeting.

The meeting was live streamed on Southwark’s YouTube channel and can be seen at:


The order goes:

3. Walworth Radio Plays – Sat 12th December 7pm

Doors, is a play about the history of Walworth on Saturday 12th December starting at 7pm. To attend click here or go to Zoom Meeting ID: 845 8045 3959 Passcode: 269276.

4. Rodney Road Hotel (20/AP/2953)

There is a planning application to develop a 9-storey hotel on a site by Dawes House at the junction of Stead St, Rodney Road and Orb St.

The current site looks like this…

…and it is proposed to look like this:

The Walworth Society has a number of concerns and our objection to this application can be seen in full at:


If you would like to comment, please go to:


and enter: 20/AP/2953

We are suggesting the following grounds for objection:

1. Overdevelopment. Overall, this building is a major overdevelopment of this site. This can particularly be seen in the views along Rodney Road and along Balfour St. This is currently one of the entrances to the park and what is proposed is a high brick-built tower with no visible windows which dominates the sight lines and obscures the entrance to the park. The development is too high at the proposed 9 storeys.

2. Appropriation of public land. We are concerned about the apparent appropriation of public space through the proposed significant overhang of the building (of 5 metres).

3. Loss of views. The mass of the building is so significant that the existing views of central London from Nursery Row Park will be further eroded. The massing completely blocks the view of London from the summit (in NRP) and clearly speaks to the overdevelopment that the application represents.

4. Design quality. The relentless wrapping of the façade, with the same treatment on all sides means that the bulk and mass of the building makes it feel overbearing and unsophisticated on a small island site.

5. Old Kent Road Area Action Plan – December 2020

Southwark Council has just published the latest version of the Old Kent Road Area Action Plan. The documents can be seen at:


and the file of the AAP is:

and the file is:


6.  Elephant & Castle Christmas Panto – 7pm Sunday 20th December

Don’t miss the Elephant & Castle Community Panto starting 7pm on Sunday 20th December. To attend click here of go to Zoom Meeting ID: 837 6668 0124 Passcode: 707666.

7.  Census 2021

News about the Census 2021 from census.gov.uk

The census is coming. By taking part, we can all help to inform decisions on services that shape our community, such as housing, schools, healthcare services and transport. Census Day is Sunday 21st March 2021.

The census is used to allocate resources and funding on a local and national level for the next 10 years. So, taking part is very important to make sure our needs are reflected in future policy and allocation of funding to local authorities, services, charities and community groups. The information we share will affect the life of every single person in our local community and across England and Wales.

The Walworth Society has invited local Census Engagement Manager, Vanessa Fagan, to speak about the Census at our January Meeting (Thursday 21st). Meantime, for more information, click here, or visit www.census.gov.uk or contact Vanessa directly: vanessa.fagan18@field.census.gov.uk or call 07452 935279.

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