Walworth Society – Latest Walworth News (w/c 3rd May)

1. Walworth Society General Meeting 

Our next general WS meeting will be held on Thursday 20th May at 7pm.

To join the meeting click here, or go to Zoom and use Meeting ID: 859 4181 1678, Passcode: 203655.

There was no April meeting so the last minutes were for March, click here.


1. Welcome, apologies and introductions.
2. Minutes of our March meeting and matters arising.
3. Southwark Supertram – update from Sophy Tayler.
4. Walworth Neighbourhood Food Model – presentation by Richard Galpin from Pembroke House.
5. Planning matters inc (21/AP/1032) 220-222 Walworth Road.
6. Walworth Town Hall – update.
7. Walworth HAZ – update (fuller discussion at our June meeting).
8. Walworth Stories project – update.
9. Current issues.
10. AOB.

2. Plant Swap. Please find below details of the 2021 plant swap which will be held in the gardens of St Peter’s Church.

3. Planning Application 220-222 Walworth Road (21/AP/1032).

Application for the construction of two additional floors on top of the existing property to form two additional residential self-contained flats.

1. Existing View.

2. Proposed

The Walworth Society has submitted a detailed objection to this application which we believe causes significant harm to the Walworth Road Conservation Area and will also cause real disruption to the lives of those who live in the two existing flats above the shop.   The proposal is to add two storeys to the existing building with the aim of taking it to the height of the 1960s’ building on the southside (nos 224-236 W Rd). While extensions of one floor are more common along the Walworth Road (you may have noticed a number of new mansard roofs on the opposite side of the street), this increase of two floors sets a worrying precedent which could be widely copied along the road. It will damage the proportions of recognised buildings within the Conservation Area and is of very poor design quality.
If you had time to make an objection via the planning portal we would be extremely grateful.

Step 1. Planning Southwark Council portal: https://planning.southwark.gov.uk/online-applications/

Step 2. Enter the application number: 21/AP/1032

Step 3. Make a comment (the personal details that you enter will not be shown).

The full objection that the society has made appears below and we would suggest themes to mention would be:

1. The development would cause significant harm to the Walworth Road Conservation Area owing to the proposed height of the development.

2. The harm that the development would cause to the historic fabric and architecture of nos. 220 & 222.

3. The poor design of the development and the overdevelopment of the site.

4. Lack of amenity provision and lack of privacy

The full WS objection can be seen at:


4. Southwark Heritage Centre and Walworth Library – now open!

Do have a look at the new heritage centre and library at 147 Walworth Rd, SE17 1FZ. As well as the books and reference section, there will be a performance space and objects from the Cuming Collection. Currently going on is an exhibition “Myth Making” with objects spanning 2000 years. There are Lowry and Van Gogh paintings. Coming soon is the Story of Southwark. Just as is important are the public loos on the Walworth Road!

5. Burgess Park Woodlands Campaign
A message from the Friends of Burgess Park ‘The next stage in our campaign against development beside Burgess Park will highlight the importance and preservation of the woodlands.

We think the new developments on Parkhouse Street and Southampton Way will harm the woodlands. We want to provide an alternative ecology report to the Planning Committee explaining the value. To do this we will commission an independent report from London Wildlife Trust.

We need to fundraise about £2k to pay for it. We have done this because of issues raised by London Wildlife Trust in their comments on the Joseph Homes scheme. Letter attached fyi. We need your support.
Please can you help the woodlands campaign:

Promoting the campaign to your networks –  we expect to launch early May.

Pledging and making a contribution, every little counts and every supporter raises the profile of the issue.

Follow our new woodlands Instagram burgess_park_nature (click here)’

Show support by adding your organisations name or logo to the woodlands campaign fundraiser page.’

For more information and to support the campaign click here or go to www.friendsofburgesspark.org.uk

6. Save the Cinema Museum

The Cinema Museum London has asked us to circulate their online petition to help protect the  museum from property re-development.

The link to the ‘Save The Cinema Museum’ petition is here, or go to www.cinemamuseum.org.uk

The Cinema Museum has also made a short film with composer and historian, Neil Brand, click here to see.

7. Tannery Arts/Drawing Room

Tannery Arts/Drawing Room – a non-profit studio provider and gallery is looking for new board members who are passionate about the visual arts and would relish the opportunity to play a key role as the organisation moves into its first permanent home in Bermondsey in 2022.

Training will be provided for those with no prior board experience. For further information please click here, or go to https://drawingroom.org.uk/.

8. Art In The Park Events

Two events from Art in The Park coming up: 7th May online Life Drawing (tickets click here); 8th May plant swap and micro-salad session at Chumleigh St (tickets click here). More information at http://artinthepark.co.uk/.

9. Forthcoming People’s Company Events.

…dates for the diary!!

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