Objecting to Lendlease – H1 Development site (21/AP/1819)

The Walworth Society is (along with many other people and groups) objecting to the application by Lendlease for the redevelopment of the site on the corner of Elephant Road and the Walworth Road. The application (21/AP/1819) is very different to what was envisioned in the consented master plan and it consists almost entirely of office space at a time when it is social housing that is desperately needed across Southwark. It is also of poor design – being very bulky and out of keeping with the surrounding area and buildings. There has been very little effective consultation about this development…basically it is take it or leave it…and the genuine work that Lendlease did to engage with local people seems to have now been abandoned in favour of a final big development on the former Heygate Estate site.

If you would like to object, then please go to:


Enter 21/AP/1819 in the Search box and go to the Make a comment box.

The main grounds that we have used to object to the application are:

  • This application represents a change to the consented master plan and significantly undermines it. The masterplan was developed following systematic engagement with local people and this application negates that work in favour of a greedy last-gasp desire to provide office space which is far less needed in Southwark than the council homes which could be delivered instead.
  • The case for office space is not proven. All too clear is the need for council homes in the borough.
  • The design of H1 is greedy and over-bearing, of poor quality and unsuited to this key location at the north end of the Walworth Road.
  • The development will have a detrimental impact on the Walworth Road, a number of Conservation Areas and a number of listed buildings.
  • The development does nothing to contribute to creating a safe Walworth Road and create links between the Elephant and Castle and Walworth. It and the wider Elephant Park development more generally fails to create a safe environment for people in West Walworth to cross to Elephant Park.
  • The development will have a detrimental impact on Elephant Park, neighbouring residents and bio-diversity across the area.

Please feel free to make use of these and if you would like to look at the full objection that we have submitted it can be downloaded here

Below are some images of the development and its potential impact

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