Walworth Society –  Walworth News – update (9th December)

1.  Walworth Society Meetings.

There is no meeting in December and, as Covid is looming large again, regrettably, no festive social event this year. We do look forward to seeing everyone again in 2022 and we will endeavour to arrange a special social gathering in the Spring.

The next WS general meeting will be held on Wednesday 19th January 2022 at 7pm. Details to follow in the New Year.

2. Save the Beehive Campaign

A massive thanks to all those that have responded to the ‘Save The Beehive’ campaign. We cannot believe just how much effort people have gone to to try to save the pub. There are currently more than 170 formal objections to change-of-use planning application (21/AP/3524) lodged on the Southwark Council website. If you have a few minutes, there is still time to add your objection. Below is an easy-to-use guide for objecting to the application. We set out some of the grounds that you might use along with some of the elements of planning policy that we believe will give Southwark Council extremely strong grounds to reject this application.


As soon as we have any news about this application we will of course let everyone know.

Don’t miss this history of the Beehive in maps and illustrations that Diana Cochrane has put together.


This includes this amazing photo below from 1946 from Britain from Above (https://britainfromabove.org.uk/image/EAW000541) showing the Beehive surviving the huge amount of bomb damage in the surrounding area (now the Penrose Estate).

3. Winter Wonderland in Walworth.

Pasley Park and Walworth Garden will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland on Saturday December 11th from 4 – 8 pm. Events – all free! – include:
  (1) A panto and lantern promenade around the park.   (2) Christmas market.   (3) Santa in his green grotto for free in Walworth Garden.   (4) Festive songs.   (5) Festive refreshments.   (6) DJ.   (7) Lighting up the park into a magical wonderland. 

4. Manor Place Terrace – Update.

A number of people have been in touch about the demolition of Manor Place Terrace including the facade that we had fought to preserve. Southwark Council and Durkan (the developer/contractor) said that once they were ready to go on site to redevelop the terrace they found that even the facade was now so structurally unsound that nothing could be retained.

People locally were concerned that it had taken so long for things to get started and that any action might delay the redevelopment still further.

Durkan have pledged to create a facsimile of the original facade (as per the planning permission) so that, although new, it will look similar to the original facade. They point to other projects where they have undertaken heritage projects successfully.

Manor Place Terrace demolition

Restoration of the Coroners Court building (by Durkan) as part of the Manor Place Depot redevelopment

5. The Extension of the Walworth Road Conservation Area to include East Street and the East Street Baptist Church.

At a meeting on Tuesday 30th November, the Southwark Council planning committee voted to extend the Walworth Road Conservation Area east along East Street as far as its junction with Brandon St/Portland St.

See Item 6 in the link below


There is a Southwark News feature on the lively planning committee meeting at:


…and Neil Crossfield’s article, again in Southwark News, about the amazing history of the East Street Baptist Church.


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