Walworth Society News w/c 10th January 2022

1. January Walworth Society Meeting

Our next general WS meeting will be held online on Wednesday 19th January at 7pm. We will not be holding face-to-face meetings until the covid threat recedes again.

We are pleased to welcome the Leader of Southwark Council Cllr Kieron Williams who will speak about Southwark’s vision for Walworth and will then take part in a Q&A with people at the meeting.

To participate on Zoom click here or go to Zoom and use Meeting ID: 857 6431 9605, Pass code: 627460

The minutes of our November meeting are here.


1. Welcome, apologies and introductions.
2. Minutes of our November 2021 meeting and matters arising.
3. Disussion & Q&A with Cllr Kieron Williams Leader of Southwark Council.
4. Update from Community Southwark – Jordan Creed.
5. HAZ Update – Stephanie Ostrich
6. East Street Baptist Church – update
7. Other planning matters.
8. Other current issues.
9. AOB.

2. Planning Application 21/AP/4333 – Advertising on the Walworth Road

The Walworth Society is objecting to the proposed installation of an obtrusive LCD advertising screen on the pavement outside M&S on the Walworth Road. 

We have just about managed to fight off a number of applications for high impact LCD on-street advertisements in the Walworth Road Conservation Area so far and would be really grateful if you if you have a few minutes to support our objection.

To object go to: https://planning.southwark.gov.uk/online-applications/

Enter application number 21/AP/4333

LCD advertising in a BT StreetHub

The application involves the removal of the old phone box on the picture below and the replacement of the larger object behind it with a BT StreetHub (shown above) with in-built LCD screens (on both sides).

While we support the removal of one of the two existing phone kiosks there, we believe that this installation is damaging to the Walworth Road Conservation Area in particular owing to the size of the street hub, the impact of an LCD advert screen and the uses to which these street hubs are being put to when in use. Overall we believe that this application is against Policy 43 (Outdoor advertisements and signage) of the New Southwark Plan and that it fails to:

  • Avoid unacceptable harm to public amenity. Advertisements and signage should be designed so that their size, scale, type and illumination are unobtrusive, taking into account site context and local character; and
  • Avoid harm to the significance of streetscape and heritage assets or their settings by being sited in the Walworth Road Conservation Area. In addition, it serves to:
  • Compromise safety and security or obscure highway sightlines and allow free movement along the public highway by all users, including people with disabilities, especially the visually impaired.

These signs are also extremely energy intensive. A recent newspaper article shows LCD advertising using the same amount of energy as three households!


The full detail of the WS objection can be found here.

3. 31 Amelia St Redevelopment

The consultants BECG, on behalf of the developer, Thorstone, are hosting a webinar regarding the proposed development at 31 Amelia Street (site below) (156 rooms of student accommodation) on Tuesday 11th January from 19:00 – 20:00.

Details of the proposal can be found on the virtual consultation website; https://31ameliastreet.co.uk/

The webinar will include a presentation about the development followed by a Q&A with the project team. To attend the meeting and receive an invite/meeting link for it please register by email to feedback@consultation-online.co.uk

4. Free Training on Key Principles in Responding to Sexual Violence

Free training, – Wednesday 12th January, 10 am to 1.30 pm (on Zoom): Key Principles in Responding to Sexual Violence. Southwark Council are pleased to be hosting a free online training workshop delivered by RASASC.

The session will examine the nature of sexual violence and provide information and guidance on how to respond effectively. To book your place please click here. If you have any questions please email: communitysafety@southwark.gov.uk

5. Campaign to Save the Beehive PH (21/AP/3524).

A quick update on the campaign to Save the Beehive and most especially a huge thanks to the enormous numbers of WS members (and many others) who have objected to the application to turn the ground floor of the pub into residential accommodation. To date there have been a truly astonishing 236 objections to this application.

The application remains “Under consideration/assessment” and we will let you know of any decision by Southwark as soon as we hear.

A really interesting and well researched article written by Walworth historian Neil Crossfield about the history of the Beehive appears in this week’s Southwark News (50p all good newsagents!). We do not have the online link for the feature yet and will send that out when we do.

Thanks again for your amazing involvement in this campaign.

6. Community Southwark – Local Elections. 

News from Community Southwark about getting your voice heard in the May 2022 Local Elections: 

“Do you want to get your voice heard during the local elections in May 2022 to choose Southwark Council councilors for the coming Local Elections?

If yes, come to our workshop delivered with @38degrees on the 9th of February 6pm-7.30pm at Peckham Levels or virtually on YouTube. To sign up click here.

7. GLA Building Stronger Communities Fund

The GLA Building Stronger Communities Fund is now live and inviting applications from voluntary and community sector organisations with an annual turnover of £200k or less. There are three types of grants available:

  • Microgrants of £1,000,
  • Microgrants of between £1,001 and £5,000, or
  • Small Grants of between £5,001 and £10,000.

Grants will be awarded across three rounds, with applications being accepted from December 2021, with subsequent rounds in Spring and Summer 2022.The Deadline for applications for this first round is 14TH FEB 2022. All of the information for applicants can be viewed on the GLA website London.Gov.uk or click here to go to the relevant page.

8. Events at Electric Elephant.

News of some upcoming events at the Electric Elephant – 186A Crampton Street, SE17 3AE

1. Lore of the Fox – Thursday 13th January

2. Acoustic Elephant. Sun 23rd January.

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