Walworth Society Newsletter w/c 17th Jan – includes launch of the Walworth Community Pub Project

1. January 2022 Walworth Society Meeting – 7pm Weds 19th Jan ONLINE only.

The minutes of our January 2022 meeting can be seen here

The minutes of our November 2021 meeting can be downloaded here

2. Walworth Community Pub

News of the launch of the Walworth Community Pub project and news from Matt Meynell who is leading the project.

“The Walworth Community Pub project is focusing on Saving the Beehive PH and also developing a Community Pub for our area. There is a short survey that the team would love people to fill in and this looks at a) the importance of the Beehive to Walworth and b) what people are looking for from a community pub.

Saving the Beehive PH: its importance to Walworth

The Beehive Public House is a pub at the heart of West Walworth, which has been serving the community for over 200 years. It is extremely important to the life and soul of West Walworth and the wider Walworth area in general.

The current owners submitted a planning application (21/AP/3524) to Southwark Council for a change of use of the ground floor from its current use as a pub to residential accommodation.

Hundreds of people have objected and Southwark Council has refused the application which would have resulted in the permanent loss of an historic pub. The application was rejected on several grounds, including a failure to justify the loss of the existing public house by a lack of marketing evidence and failure to justify the loss of the pub as an asset of community value.

A Community pub for Walworth?

We would like to understand what interest there is in a community-run pub in our area. A research report issued by the Plunkett Foundation suggests that local pubs owned by the community are thriving. You can review the 2020 report here.

How they work. Community pubs are usually supported by a share offer – with people buying shares from as little as £100 to larger contributions. Every shareholder is an owner of the community business and has a say in how it is run. The aim is for enough funds to be raised for the community to buy a pub through a combination of shares, ethical loans, donations and grant funding.

Community shares will be backed by the value of the asset (the pub) and, as finances permit, may pay interest and be redeemable after a settling in period.

Our survey. This questionnaire is the first step. We would like to know your views on what might be provided and what would receive your support. Your response will be treated in confidence. It is entirely anonymous, unless you wish to add your name / address at the end (which will NOT be published in the final results).

This kind of venture has been successfully achieved in other communities all over the UK. If you wish to contact us about this project, please email us at:walworthcommunitypub@gmail.com

Walworth community pub survey

The Walworth Community Pub group has been part of the campaign to Save the Beehive along with the idea of creating a community pub in Walworth. We are working with a number of groups from the local area. We have put together a short survey to help us understand what people would like to see: https://survey.typeform.com/to/Edr3ds4y

If you have any queries about this or would like to speak directly about this project, please email us at: walworthcommunitypub@gmail.com


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