Walworth Society News, Activities and Events (w/c 14 Sept 2020)

  1. Walworth Society General Meeting minutes.
  2. Walworth Town Hall Planning Application (20/AP/1649).
  3. Southwark Council – CGS, Devolved Highways and Neighbourhoods Funds 2021/22.
  4. People’s Company Online – Pub Quiz!
  5. Crossway Mayflower 400 festival.
  6. Walworth Healthy Streets – Latest; Pelier Park Consultation.

1. Walworth Society General Meeting – Thursday 17th September.

The notes from our 17th September meeting can be found here

Please find the notes from our recent 20th August meeting in the file below.

2. Walworth Town Hall Planning Application (20/AP/1649)

Walworth Town Hall

We really need your help! Thanks to everyone who has made comments on this application but it is still a very small number for such an important application (just 7 comments to date). We are keen that everyone has a say so please do make a comment; the key things that the Walworth Society is trying to get across are:

  1. We regret the loss of these key civic buildings in Walworth to public use.
  2. It is vital that the guarantees as to the retention of key elements of the proposed Community Space for the duration of the 150 year lease are also written into the S106 agreement as changes to this (and not the lease) are subject to public scrutiny.
  3. Overall the design does not demonstrate the experience required to ensure a high quality restoration of the architecture and structure that is needed for nationally important listed historic buildings.
  4. The bin storage area and waste management plan are not adequately detailed to suggest whether there is enough space to accommodate and manage the waste that is now anticipated.
  5. We remain concerned about the quality of the access for people with impaired mobility and the reliance on an external lift as is proposed on Walworth Square.
  6. We propose that there should be a local labour scheme and propose other conditions in relation to labour and working conditions during the construction phase. The detailed Walworth Society response to this development appears in the pdf below:


How to Comment

If you were able to include some or all of these points in your responses we would be grateful. To comment…

  1. Go to: https://planning.southwark.gov.uk/online-applications/
  2. Pop in: 20/AP/1649 into the Search box.
  3. Go into Make a Comment. Thanks so much!

3. Southwark Council – CGS, Devolved Highways and Neighbourhoods Funds 2021/22

Cleaner Greener Safer and Devolved Highways 2021/22 is now open and the deadline for submissions is Sunday 4th October 2020 (closing at midnight). The forms can be found at:


News of the Neighbourhoods Fund 2021/22 – Launched on Monday 7 September 2020 and closes to all applications on Monday 12 October 2020 at 12 noon.

4. People’s Company Online – Pub Quiz!

Upcoming Pub Quiz from People’s Company – Sunday 11th October

5. Crossway Mayflower 400 Festival

FREE animated virtual tour with the talented actors from People’s Company this Saturday 2-4 pm

How to join:

Time: Sep 19, 2020 02:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting


  • Meeting ID: 821 0040 9842
  • Passcode: 914370

6. Walworth Healthy Streets – Latest; Pelier Park Consultation

Walworth Healthy Streets.

Below is a letter which outlines the next stage of the changes (from 21st September) to streets across Walworth as part of Walworth Healthy Streets. There is more detail on these changes in the assocated Traffic Manangement Orders at:


Southwark continue to look for feedback on the proposals at:


and there is also now a Frequently Asked Questions page at:


The latest map of the overall scheme which also appears on the Commonplace website is shown below:


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